Cfp: Age, generations and the media


Tidsskriftet Northern Lights ønsker bidrag til et temanummer som redigeres av Eli Skogerbø (UiO) og Göran Bolin (Södertörn):





Northern Lights invites theoretical and empirical articles on the theme ”Age, generations and the media”. We especially encourage cross-age/generation analysis and focusing on the older age groups as mediated representations, target groups, media users, interpreting subjects, etc. Research themes and questions may include (but are not restricted to):

• Comparative cross-generational studies of media use

• Techno-generational divides

• Age and/or generation-specific contents

• Age and generations as target groups

• Generational segmentation in production • Generational experience in reception

• Niche markets for the older age groups

• Representations of age and generation in news, fiction and entertainment

• Media generations as theoretical and empirical categories

• Interrelations of age/generation and media content

• Historical analysis of media in generational perspectives (e.g. how certain media have been defining for some generations). Representations of age in the media (advertising, news, entertainment, life-style magazines)

• The role of age and generations for the interpretation and reception of media content.



Frist for abstracts 15.4.2012.

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